BISCHOFF Chromatography has been manufacturing and refilling columns since 1980. Right from the start, we have focused on the highest quality standards when packing columns with materials from different manufacturers. In 1995 we started to produce and pack our own stationary phases:

Packing Materials

When various manufacturers stopped supplying bulk material for the packing of analytical HPLC columns, we developed and produced our own line of stationary phases: ProntoSIL. That was in 1995. Since then, ProntoSIL has been a growing brand in the global market for analytical columns.


POPLC is a method development kit that you can use to develop and optimize isocratic HPLC methods.
POPLC stands for Phase OPtimized Liquid Chromatography
The unique technology behind this kit is called POPLink. You can combine different stationary phases in different segments within one column


An HPLC pump with a continuous and stable flow that works against different back pressures is one of the basics in every HPLC system. These properties enable use not only in HPLC, but also in R&D and process industries, modified for pure use as a dosing pump


bischoff365 – HPLC. SHOPPING. ONLINE.

As a company that has focused on solutions for its customers from the start, it was the logical next step to offer HPLC users all over the world a cross-brand point of sale where they can find the best products for their daily work in HPLC laboratories