HPLC Pumps

The HPLC Compact Pump 3350 is the ideal HPLC Pump. Compact dimensions, high accuracy and a low-maintenance concept making this pump a reliable partner in your laboratory.

Compact Pump model 3350 for
HPLC and High Precision Dosing covers the full area of
modern LC and Dosing applications.
The new designed electronic with the control of a high
resolution stepper motor allows accurate flow rates at high
pressure up to 60 MPa from 1μl up to 40.00 ml/min. With
interchangeable pump heads the pump is able to cover a flow
range from 1 μl to 40.0 ml/min at high and low backpressure.
As a high precision compact pump it is the heart for any
modular HPLC instrument or Micro- or Miniplant. The pump
can be used in isocratic or gradient mode (for gradient a
second pump is required).

Dosing Pumps

Our dosing pumps offer a very high level of flexibility in use. Due to the strict separation of the pump head and drive, the pump head can be changed within a few minutes, for example if you have a new or different application, want to use a different flow area or simply perform maintenance without permanently interrupting your work. This design also makes it possible to heat or cool the pump heads.