We offer a wide range of HPLC columns for a wide range of separations. It is almost always possible to find the right separation column for your own separation problem. HPLC columns from well-known manufacturers We have our own filling materials ProntoSIL, HiPAK, PolyEncap, as well as filling materials from other well-known manufacturers.

Finding the right column
We would be pleased to advise you on the spot, by telephone or via e-mail to find the right column from our offer.

Huge selection of different column dimensions
Various column lengths, internal diameters and materials of the column hardware are available, from the analytical to the preparative column.

Refill Service for HPLC Columns
Repacking of ProntoSIL Materials as well as Materials of other manufacturers.

Production of columns and phases according to customer requirements
Due to the in-house development and production of phases, as well as columns and column kits, we are able to meet all customer requirements in addition to our broad product portfolio.

HPLC Si Columns
HPLC C30 Columns
HPLC C18 Columns
HPLC C8 Columns
HPLC C4 Columns
HPLC C1 Columns
HPLC C6H5 (PHENYL) Columns
HPLC CN (Cyano) Columns
HPLC NH2 (AMINO) Columns
HPLC Enviro Columns
HPLC NO2 (Nitro) Columns
HPLC IEC (Si) Columns
HPLC Polymer Columns
HPLC IEC (P) Columns
Selectivity Kits
Hardware / empty Columns

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